Black Owned, Controlled, and Conceived. 

The phrased "Black Owned, Controlled, and Conceived" was put forth by Cinque B. Sengbe in his article Black Sites That Are White Owned to express an accelerated trend in marketing practices directed at people of color on the World Wide Web.

Currently, there is a proliferation of sites on the Internet marketing products and services to African Americans. However, often times these sites are not owned us, and the revenues (profits) generated by these sites go to non-black communities and external interest. This situation is not a new for us! It has existed for many years in other forms of commercial ventures. It extends from the ownership of the corner grocery store to the malls where we shop on a weekly to monthly basis. So, what do we do about it?

According to the Small Business Association, there are currently an estimated 900,000 businesses owned by African Americans with gross revenues of almost $63 billion a year in the US. Many of these businesses are on the Internet, but given the anonymity of the 'Net, who's to know which businesses are owned, controlled, and conceived by African Americans?

SearchBlack ("the Internet's Afrocentric search engine") and the Association of African American Web Developers (AAAWD) are teaming to provide an answer. We are asking qualified sites to carry a button indicating that they are a BOCC site. This, in principle, will allow black surfers see who is behind the site they are visiting.

The button is a small and simple one stamped with BOCC. We ask you to right click and save the graphic below to place it on your site. Then, left click to register your site as a BOCC member.

There is absolutely no cost involved!